Well, if it isn't that heart-driven changemaker I've been stalking...

It’s an honor to finally meet you!

Though I must confess, I feel like I already know you.

You’re a…



You've got big ideas, but writing, well, let's just say it isn't your forte.
The problem is, you KNOW that
words, not only give your brand a voice,
they shine YOUR light directly into the psyche of your audience. If those brilliant ideas of yours are going attract the right people, you've gotta show up and speak their language.


Like me, you believe in leaving this world better than how you found it.
Which is why you developed your
service or product: to help people.

Whether it is guiding them back to their true selves, raising funds for clean water, or educating our future leaders. You see the bigger picture. Now you want to show that picture to the world and you need a skilled wordsmith to refine your message.


They told you it would be hard.
"Impossible," they said.
But you looked those
neigh-sayers straight in the mouth
and said, "Watch me!"
You recognize the power of
taking risks and have the courage to
lead with your values.

Hi, I’m Stephanie, 

I weave your values into strategic stories that attract, connect and nurture your target audience. What makes me different from other storytellers out there? I am a serial entrepreneur who, after building, growing, and selling 4 different companies, realized that my passion WASN’T in administration, but rather in the creative process of strategy and growth. So in 2017, instead of running a business, I began helping heart-driven people like you scale theirs. 

Businesses built
Websites launched
Emails written
Clients satisfied
Smiles per day

Now that we're in the friend's zone, are you ready to connect IRL?