The Missing Ingredient: What World-Football Taught Me About Winning

I live in Argentina, where the national sports – making asado (the best darn barbecue you have ever tasted), drinking yerba mate (a ceremonious consumption of speed-like green tea), and playing world-football A.K.A soccer – rival each other for the title of ‘Leader of The Pack.’

Now, I have whole-heartedly adopted the first of the two rituals as my own but there is something you should know:

I am not a world-football fan.

There. I said it.

After 12 years of feigning interest for social measures, I am here to confess that what I enjoy most about the weekly (and sometimes nightly) games, is the cold beer and french fries. #Truth

But today I had a revelation.

And believe it or not, it has to do with 22 people running behind a ball no bigger than their heads.

Passion doesn’t come with a category.

It has no shape and size.

There is no ‘class’ or ‘division’ of shared characteristics.

It is a burning sensation to ‘do’.

To win.

I know that feeling and I couldn’t kick the ball to save my own life.

That is how I came to coin this piece.

Last night one of the two local teams played to qualify for the semi-finals in the Cup of Argentina. Against all odds – 1 expulsion 9 seconds into the game, 2 goals down by halftime – the victory was theirs.

When the cheering and chanting from my livingroom ceased, I entered smiling,

“Did the better men win,” I asked.

“Nope,” my husband said to my alarm. “They didn’t win because they are better, or because they played well. Don’t get me wrong, they didn’t play poorly either. They won because dejaron todo en la cancha.”

They left it all on the field.

Every pent-up emotion.

Every oppressed desire.

They left their whole hearts on that trampled grass and took the gold because of it.

He was right.

Success isn’t measured in comparatives of superlatives.

Regardless of whether you are a Solopreneur, a Team Leader, or one of the many pieces that complete the puzzle, the prosperity of any project, any business, any achievement whatsoever, will be quantified by how much corazon you put into it.

The key ingredient to winning:

It is in you.

It is in your team.

It is in gutting yourselves on the field.


*Photo credits to (Télam)

2 thoughts on “The Missing Ingredient: What World-Football Taught Me About Winning”

  1. I loved this. This is what I needed to read today! And I’m also curious about the fact that you and I share the same soccer definition hahha (22 guys chasing a ball…). I thought I was leaving it all on the field just because I came to the UK to live this adventure, but trust me, everyday I realize there’s still some room for improvement for me to get there. However, I guess that I have it in me since no matter where I go I’ll always bring my Argentinian heritage/spirit with me? Miss you and hope to see you soon!

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