Questions to a Nobody

What is the difference between identifying yourself with something and being the same as something?

When we identify ourselves with something, we are utilizing form and definition to dress ourselves up in an illusory version of self. In defining myself as something, I am conversely insinuating that I am “not” something else, whereby implying a separation. Being “no different” of the “same” can only be achieved through the abandoning of defined identity; ego. In eliminating the confines of these concepts, there are no differences and so there is only sameness.

What is the difference between attention and consciousness?

When you place your attention in a specific area, you are simply recognizing or becoming aware of said area. This awareness in its purity, that is, without forma or definition, is consciousness, that which observes the natural world in its constant manifestation. attention cannot exist without consciousness.

Which thoughts, beliefs or situations cause you to suffer?

One will only enter into conflict, contradiction and suffering when they resist accepting the moment exactly as it is manifesting itself in the now.

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